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We know this era of cars inside and out. So, the vehicles we choose to carry are the best possible examples of yesterday!

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our business. Here's just a few ways that we go to work for you.


We hand pick each car, whether we are buying from the dealer auction or from a private party.


Each vehicle is carefully inspected and serviced to ensure that it meets our highest standards.


Our mission is to provide the best customer service while facilitating a fun, hassle-free car buying experience.


Our story began more than a decade ago with a single car and hours of restoration work. This adventure quickly grew into multiple projects and many happy car buyers. It was a hobby that became a business, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Today, this lifelong zeal for automobiles continues with Carsfascinate. We’re a unique dealership focused on youngtimer classics—cars from the 1980s through the early 2000s. These are masterpiece vehicles that still have the power to excite and delight.

And since 2013, it’s been our mission to share this enthusiasm with our customers. Discover what Carsfascinate is all about.


It’s more than a devotion to cars but a passion for preserving and promoting automotive history. It’s a concept we embrace every day. While current vehicles appear to be clones of one another, each youngtimer classic we carry is distinctive and nostalgia-inspiring. If an auto has ever roused a dream or helped recall a memory, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Of course, we’re here to sell you a car. But who says we can’t love what we do?


By giving our attention to the next generation of classic cars, we offer our customers an emotional connection to the past that won’t drain the bank account. And that’s the secret of youngtimer classics, affordability combined with more modern and less fussy technology. There’s a practical side to our approach, too. We know this era of cars inside and out. So, the vehicles we choose to carry are the best possible examples of yesterday.


At Carsfascinate, we understand that purchasing a youngtimer classic is way more than a transaction for transportation. It’s about reliving fond memories and creating new ones. At the same time, we recognize that you want a worry-free car buying experience. So, we’re dedicated to walking you through all the nuances about the car you’re considering. We’re not satisfied until all questions are answered. Whether you’re shopping in person or virtually, our goal is to have you feel good about being the next chapter in that car’s story.